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Our After School Programs

English lessons
Maths lessons
Basic science lessons
Musical instruments club
Graphics class club
AI class
Robotics class club
Coding class
Python class
JavaScript class.
All from ages 7-16yrs.



Why Choose Us?

A choice that makes the difference.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling/Online learning is allowing kids learn at the comfort of their home. We bring online learning to you with just a token through zoom classes . Payment : hourly, weekly, monthly. British curriculum.

What Makes us Different?

We make your kids Exquisite learners. After school online classes are to support school education by giving out interactive Live classes to students in subjects of their choice after daily school hours.. Exquisite Learners is just the best idea.

Why Us?

All our classes are in modules and price are negotiable for all courses. Regardless your Budget, there is always a course for you! Get in touch now!!!


* In a world where one out of every five students reports being bullied each year, parents with concerns about bullying or other physical violence in schools can rest assured that ELA provides a safe space that promotes learning in an open, friendly environment.
*Another great advantage of online education is that any potential physical threats are taken completely off the table.
*Students who do their learning online can seamlessly continue their education no matter where their parents are relocated.
*Suppose a student is having difficulty with a given subject. In that case, we are committed to discovering the exact nature and cause of the problem and addressing these specific points with the exact tools the child needs to overcome the obstacle.
*We teach students a comprehensive set of steps they can take to address any subsequent learning difficulties, and we help them apply those tools moving forward.
Our classes are segmented into 3 categories.
Early Birds; 6am-12pm UK time
Flamingo; 10:00am-3:00pm UK time
Blue birds: 2:00pm-8:00pm UK time.
We look forward to welcoming your enquires and enrolment. Warm Regards.

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what people say about us is important to our growth, here is a few testimonials from our clients:

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